Welcome to my Homepage!

My name is Judy Kozák. My kennel name is "von Liechtenstein".

Some words from me and my favourite breed the jack russell terrier.
My dog carrier started with a little mixture found dog, he was Topi.
In 1999 I bought a 3-year old male and 2-year old female German Shephard.
I went to a dogschool with them as I went to it with my former dog.
They passed exams ( BH, AD, E, IPO1 ). That's true that my love forever is for German shephard dog in 2004 I bought my first jack russell terrier and after a year later I bought the next. As the German shephards the jacks are my favourite too. It was love at first sight.
Tico and Skippy were founded my kennel. Tico and Skippy now are retired ladies and they are living with my friends in a lovely family.In 2006 Pizsi and Remi were borned and I started the shows seriously and know this wonderful breed. They have so much results and champion titules.
In the last year I knew lot of foreign breeders who help me so much. My aim is to have healthy puppies to breed away from the genetic disorders and use quality dogs with excellent appearance, caracter and ability for work.
I would like to say thanks for the owners for contributing to my Master Breeder title and like this beautiful breed, the foreign breeders and my friends to help me.